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Life is a journey for one to find self-identity
Our names are the first identity that we have to passively accept from parents in our early life; once we build connection with the first name—from parents, other names would to disturb our own identity. It is common that, for a con man or a spy who use various identities, they lose themselves at the end of story. In the movie Cinderella, the second name “Cinderella”, reminding the heroine of the horrible life she is going through, is not a pleasant name and apparently not accepted by the heroine. In other word, the heroine does not accept the real identity comes with the name “Cinderella”, that's why when she meets the prince, she would not like to tell her name. For the prince, he, as well, does not like to tell his real identity in the wood, which suggests that somehow the prince does not like being prince.
www.964.net ,Moreover, I consider the wood, where Cinderella and the prince once meet, symbolized a place where people can be relaxed and real. For example, when the online chatting room started to be popular, people started to talk to other total strangers with the name named by themselves. Whether for who wants to take a break from a horrible life or a high-pressure life, they talk with others with the identity they wants to be. It is like the wood, two people don't know each other before, but they are the most real at that moment. Quoted from Oscar Wilde, “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person, Give him a mask, he will tell you the truth”. The wood here is like the mask, which makes people to show who they really are or who they really want to be.
When I was seeing the movie, the conversation like “Remember who you are” shown in the movie every certain of time. On the way of growing up, we are engaged to various identity; we have always been told who we are, who we supposed to be, like “never expect that, you are just from the poor” or “you one day will be the lead of this company, so behavior properly and don't be so naive”. At the early life, when we are not mature enough to think who we really want to be, we just accept. However, we will never tell at which moment, we suddenly desire our own life and start to struggle from the original life. Even though the prince has hunted in the wood for a long time, he does not aware he will meet the person who changes his life. Then he starts to struggle from the pre-designed life. As well as for Cinderella, she breaks the old moral—the promise for his father, and tries to find a way leave the house, as along as she meets the one, even though the step mother keep setting up barriers physically and psychologically.
Obviously Cinderella succeed in this case, she gets her Nate (don't remember the name clearly)—at the end of movie, she is called queen when she calls the prince the name she knows at the first time they meet. I believe there are numbers of people are struggling from the pre-designed destiny and trying to find their own identity, but the end of story may rarely like this one.
Seeing this movie, I am inspired that I don't have to be jealous of other people, who are famous or rich, as long as I am on my way of finding my own identity. And when I do find it, I still don't have to be

jealous of others’ life. I am who I am, and I am proud of it.